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October 31 – November 1, 2017

Please use the comment section on this page to share insights from today’s reading OR your own personal Bible reading.

Reading along with us in Proverbs? Here’s today’s reading:

Proverbs 3 (ESV)

My son, do not forget my teaching,
    but let your heart keep my commandments,
for length of days and years of life
    and peace they will add to you.

Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you;
    bind them around your neck;
    write them on the tablet of your heart.
So you will find favor and good success
    in the sight of God and man.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths.
Be not wise in your own eyes;
    fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.
It will be healing to your flesh
    and refreshment to your bones...Continue Reading

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  1. Such good nuggets of wisdom. One Proverb that really convicted me with regard to parenting was:
    “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,
    When it is in the power of your hand to do so.”
    So many times I would say ‘no’ to things that my children wanted to do (not necessarily material things) and I would say ‘no’ without thought. After reading this, I started to say, ‘yes’ if it was a good and reasonable request , or even, ‘I’m not sure yet, let me think about it.’

  2. 21 My son, do not lose sight of these—
    keep sound wisdom and discretion,
    22 and they will be life for your soul
    and adornment for your neck.
    23 Then you will walk on your way securely,
    and your foot will not stumble.
    24 If you lie down, you will not be afraid;
    when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

  3. What a powerful chapter! To me, reading it over two days has been valuable to let the truth sink in. Agreed?

    I could also meditate on verses 5-8 for a long time. In what ways am I trusting God with all my heart and in what ways am I not? In what ways do I lean on my own understanding? And how has my path been effected by both? How straight or crooked has it been by implication? Ah…..and being wise in my own eyes…..far better to fear the Lord and shun evil….

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