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At Living Hope Christian Church, we believe that music plays a very big part in worshiping our Lord and Savior. Our music team is led by Mike Silvia, and whether it’s a Sunday morning or a special service,  Mike and the team allow the Holy Spirit to lead in the musical part of our service.

When you attend a worship service at Living Hope Christian Church, you will find the musicianship of our praise team to be exceptional — but that is not the focus. True worship is in the experience of loving Jesus and worshiping Him, not about the music. Our praise team truly worships God and focuses on His presence — the incredible music simply helps us get there.

We also have a growing drama ministry, bringing back our Christmas performance in 2017 after a brief hiatus.  We look forward to see how this ministry will grow and be used to edify the saints on a Sunday morning or as a means of sharing the good news of Jesus for those who don’t believe.  Other expressions of art are also welcome as we share the various gifts and talents God gives us to bring glory to His name. See Pastor Peter if you would like to get involved.

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