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One of the goals of the Missions Committee is to educate ourselves, as well as the congregation, about missions. To this end, we make updated newsletters, brochures and books available. We encourage you to borrow any book. Simply fill out the sign-out sheet at the Missions table in the church lobby.

We also encourage the congregation to keep all missionaries, as well as persecuted Christians, in prayer. The “Missions Corner” in the weekly bulletin presents a particular need each week.

The leadership of the church places great value upon passing along the blessing that we have received so that the Lord might be worshiped and glorified among all people groups. The great commission is the heartbeat of LHCC. Consequently, ten percent of our weekly operating budget is allocated for missions.

We financially support six missions organizations/missionaries. The philosophy of the committee has been to provide financial support to varied organizations. They presently include a messianic and a local outreach, two foreign missions, and the Bible League. In addition, we also support missionaries from our church. It is our aim to develop a relationship with these individuals. To this end, we maintain communication with them, pray for their specific needs and invite them or a representative to visit with us annually.

These organizations/individuals presently include:

CareNet RI

The Bible League

Jews for Jesus

Pioneers – North Africa 

Arab World Ministries

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