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Living Hope Christian Church has committed to pray for Rhode Island on the third Monday of each month as part of “Together We Pray”. The “Together We Pray” initiative is to involve local churches in praying for the advancement of the gospel here in RI 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Will you commit to pray for one hour? Or for a portion of that hour?

Below, you’ll find time slots listed. Please let us know which one you’ll commit to, and we’ll add your name. If you’d like to CHANGE your commitment, please let us know that as well.

Specific Prayer Points are available at Living Hope Christian Church on the ministry table. Be sure to pick yours up this Sunday.

12:00 am – Pastor Peter Atkin
1:00 am – Daniel Lee
2:00 am – Josiah Atkin
3:00 am – Cherrilynn Ryerson Bisbano
4:00 am – Diana Liem
5:00 am – Steve Briggs
6:00 am – Shirley D Petrucelli
7:00 am – Melanie Barlow
8:00 am – Karen Christy Atkin
9:00 am – Michael Bisbano, Jr.
10:00 am – Rita Dern, Jessie Dutra
11:00 am – Leslie Barney
12:00 pm – Bob Petrucelli
1:00 pm – Melodye Morgan
2:00 pm – Megan Suzanne Berube
3:00 pm – Melinda Scofield Thomas
4:00 pm – Brenda Lee
5:00 pm –
6:00 pm –
7:00 pm – Janie Palmer
8:00 pm – Karen Jenison, Janice Briggs
9:00 pm – Jill Robinson, Michael J. Bisbano
10:00 pm – Stephen and Amy Chesser Brock, Amanda Calderon, Sue Lussier
11:00 pm – Evelyn Karpinnen

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