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Martin Luther and Reformation Day (Part 2)

What do you celebrate on October 31st? This year, October 31st will mark the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting on a church door of what has become known as his “95 Theses.” He was seeking a conversation with leaders of the Roman Catholic Church about things that were troubling his conscience as he deeply studied the Scriptures and God’s truth came to light. Since then, October 31st has become known as “Reformation Day.”

In today’s message, Pastor Peter continues his 2-part series on the Reformation, encouraging us to become disciples of Jesus Christ by faith, and growing in our relationship with God by allowing our consciences and our worship to be guided, shaped, and informed by the Scriptures.

Pastor Peter Atkin – Living Hope Christian Church
Date: 10/29/17
Series: The Reformation
Title: Martin Luther and Reformation Day (Part 2)
Scriptures: Romans 1:17



Praise and Worship:
Mike Silvia (Keyboards, Lead Vocals), Alfonso Reid (Vocals), Becky Blanchette (Vocals), Donna Morra (Vocals), Gary Leslie (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Bob Morra (Guitar, Vocals), Charlie Ryan (Drums)

Living Hope Christian Church North Kingstown, RI

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