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January 10, 2019

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Reading along with us in Job? Here’s today’s reading:

Job 15 (ESV)

Then Eliphaz the Temanite answered and said:

“Should a wise man answer with windy knowledge,
    and fill his belly with the east wind?
Should he argue in unprofitable talk,
    or in words with which he can do no good?
But you are doing away with the fear of God
    and hindering meditation before God.
For your iniquity teaches your mouth,
    and you choose the tongue of the crafty.
Your own mouth condemns you, and not I;
    your own lips testify against you...Continue Reading

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  1. Job 15:8 (ESV)
     Have you listened in the council of God? And do you limit wisdom to yourself?

    Job 15:17 (ESV)
     “I will show you; hear me, and what I have seen I will declare

    Eliphaz is a man who is conflicted in his thinking. When addressing Job, he asks if Job knows the mind of God. A few verses later he speaks as if he knows the mind of God based on what ‘wise men have told’. I think Eliphaz might have shown wisdom by admitting that he is far from knowing the mind of God.

  2. Eliphaz has no compassion on Job and still insists that his circumstances have been caused by some wrong that Job has done. And does he call him a blow hard in verse 2? :). He goes on to question Job’s wisdom and point out that he doesn’t know more then them. He does point to the glory of God and His supremacy over all and that man could never be righteous enough for Him, which is certainly true. But the wisdom that he says comes from the ages is that evil actions bring bad results. Which by default means that Job’s tragedy must mean he has sinned. He is right that even though evil people may make same gains in life that might make it seem like they are getting away with something, they will face the consequences for their actions in time. He is just wrong to presume Job is in that camp.

    May we avoid our own presumption about other’s circumstances and although it is appropriate for us to confront what is wrong, we can also be compassionate about how we present truth and avoid personal attacks.

  3. 8 Have you listened in the council of God?
    And do you limit wisdom to yourself?
    9 What do you know that we do not know?
    What do you understand that is not clear to us?
    10 Both the gray-haired and the aged are among us,
    older than your father.
    11 Are the comforts of God too small for you,
    or the word that deals gently with you?
    12 Why does your heart carry you away,
    and why do your eyes flash,
    13 that you turn your spirit against God
    and bring such words out of your mouth?

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