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August 12, 2018

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Reading along with us in 1 Kings? Here’s today’s reading:

1 Kings 12 (ESV)

Rehobo′am went to Shechem, for all Israel had come to Shechem to make him king. And when Jerobo′am the son of Nebat heard of it (for he was still in Egypt, whither he had fled from King Solomon), then Jerobo′am returned fromEgypt. And they sent and called him; and Jerobo′am and all the assembly of Israel came and said to Rehobo′am, “Your father made our yoke heavy. Now therefore lighten the hard service of your father and his heavy yoke upon us, and we will serve you.” He said to them, “Depart for three days, then come again to me.” So the people went away.

Then King Rehobo′am took counsel with the old men, who had stood before Solomon his father while he was yet alive, saying, “How do you advise me to answer this people?” And they said to him, “If you will be a servant to this people today and serve them, and speak good words to them when you answer them, then they will be your servants for ever.”....Continue Reading

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  1. One has to wonder what would have happened if Rehoboam listened to the older counselors? There are certain juncture points in all our lives where a right or wrong decision can radically change the course of our lives. And this is a big one in the life of Israel. It is when the divided kingdom is solidified and engrained and Israel would never recover the glory of David and Solomon. Now I know God had purposed Jeroboam to lead the Northern Kingdom, but that was only due to Solomon’s disobedience. Rehoboam could have learned from his dad’s bad decisions and followed God and righted the ship. Stop the deterioration before it started. But that is just wishful thinking and we along with God are left shaking our heads in disbelief over their stupidity. But then again, we can be pretty stupid too in our decisions as well, but this chapter gives us a clear picture what happens when we walk away from God.

    And it is clear that God honors free will and is gracious in His ways, because He chooses Jeroboam to lead Israel even though he starts and establishes the downward spiral of evil kings in the Northern Kingdom by instituting false worship. It is very, very sad for the Jews once again to point to a graven image and say this is the one who brought you out of Egypt. I don’t know what is worse, Jeroboam telling them that or the people believing it….

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