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May 12, 2019

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Reading along with us in Nehemiah? Here’s today’s reading:

Nehemiah 11 (ESV)

Now the leaders of the people stayed in Jerusalem, and the rest of the people cast lots for one out of ten to come and live in Jerusalem, the holy city, while the other nine-tenths remained in their towns.....Continue Reading

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  1. So many names … 🙂
    As I sit here and think about the passage and wonder at not only the names but the apparent linage of those names, I think of how wonderful is our God who preserves the heritage of the Jewish people, not because they deserve it, but because of his own covenant with his people. Likewise, he preserves us, not because we deserve it but because of his own covenant with us purchased with the blood of the perfect Lamb of God.

    There had to be some people occupying Jerusalem because earlier Nehemiah divides the workers in such a way that some are working near where they live to help rebuild the walls and gates. But here it seems that they are trying to repopulate the city even more with people from the various towns. Some people volunteer while others are ‘conscripted’ by drawing lots.

    As I write about this I think of how sometimes we get settled in our own safe place in life, just like the Jews who returned to Israel and settled down in different locations. We like the routine and structure of the way things have been over many years. Sometimes it takes God to work in ways that we do not understand to move us out of our comfort zone and into the work he desires. For myself, Brenda and Lydia, we were content in our lives in southern Maine but God in his infinite wisdom relocates us from Maine to Rhode Island via a layoff.

  2. In the same way that we have memorable figures from our history, so is true of what is recorded here. There is a lot that goes into a restart of anything, so to see the intentionality with which Nehemiah and others approached this is encouraging. We just need to make sure we have the same intentionality and commitment when things get old.

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