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March 6, 2018

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Reading along with us in Luke? Here’s today’s reading:

Luke 4 (ESV)

And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness for forty days, being tempted by the devil. And he ate nothing during those days. And when they were ended, he was hungry. The devil said to him, “If you are the Son of God, command this stone to become bread.”And Jesus answered him, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone.’” And the devil took him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time, and said to him, “To you I will give all this authority and their glory, for it has been delivered to me, and I give it to whom I will. If you, then, will worship me, it will all be yours.” And Jesus answered him, “It is written,

“‘You shall worship the Lord your God,
    and him only shall you serve.’”....Continue Reading

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  1. When Jesus mentions the non-Jews who were visited and healed in verses 24-27, it made me think of Pastors teaching in Romans and the Jews “argument” and it’s unequal application to themselves over the Gentiles. The more I read the more I see the repeated message that yes, God still intends to fulfill his promises to the Jews, but also, all along there was a plan to reach the Gentiles….and the Jews refused to accept it.

  2. Each time Jesus is tempted He uses Scripture to combat the convoluted thinking of the devil. It is the nature of how it should work in our lives when Satan gives solutions to address our human need or stroke our pride or discredits God in misapplying His promises. God’s Word is the place we find the truth to address the deception.

    And have you found Jesus’s words true here? That it is often most difficult to minister to people that know us better. But let God be true and every man a liar even if we are the ones who have faltered in our testimony. But not only does Jesus rely on truth, proclaim the truth and embody the truth, He also has power over that which we don’t understand and can’t handle on our own (ie evil spirits and disease). And when you show yourself able to do that people will seek you out and try to keep you to themselves. But Jesus must go to the other towns in Israel and preach the good news of the kingdom of God.

  3. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
    because he has anointed me
    to proclaim good news to the poor.
    He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives
    and recovering of sight to the blind,
    to set at liberty those who are oppressed,
    19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”❤️

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