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Feb. 24, 2017

Please use the comment section on this page to share insights from today’s reading OR your own personal Bible reading.

Reading along with us in John? Here’s today’s reading:

John 6 (ESV)

After this Jesus went away to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, which is the Sea of Tiberias. 2 And a large crowd was following him, because they saw the signs that he was doing on the sick. 3 Jesus went up on the mountain, and there he sat down with his disciples. 4 Now the Passover, the feast of the Jews, was at hand. 5 Lifting up his eyes, then, and seeing that a large crowd was coming toward him, Jesus said to Philip, “Where are we to buy bread, so that these people may eat?” 6 He said this to test him, for he himself knew what he would do. 7 Philip answered him, “Two hundred denarii worth of bread would not be enough for each of them to get a little.” 8 One of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, said to him, 9 “There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are they for so many?” 10 Jesus said”… Continue Reading

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  1. Hi, I was reading in Job today. I was very impressed by chapter 5 when Jobs “friend” Eliphaz is counseling Job in a very uncaring way. However, one of the things he says to Job is wise counsel. In verses 8-9 it says “But as for me, I would seek God, and I would place my cause before God; Who does great and unsearchable things, wonders without number.”

    I needed to read this today. Matt and I are having trouble finding housing in Arkansas and I am starting to feel discouraged. This reminds me to leave my cause with God through prayer- he does wonders without number!

  2. In John chapter 6, Jesus continues to display His command over the physical world with more signs – changing water into wine, people being healed, multiplying bread and fish, walking on water – all validating that He was the Christ!

    What jumped out at me today is John 6:19-21. My focus has always been that Jesus walked on water but verse 21 says, “and immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going.” This after rowing about 3-4 miles out to sea!

    After some graphic language about eating His flesh and drinking His blood, many of his disciples said, “This is a hard saying; who can listen to it?” and turned back and no longer walked with Him. Jesus said to the twelve, “Do you want to go away as well?”

    I don’t know if “The Twelve” actually understood the symbolism of Jesus’ message about his flesh and blood but they knew He had the words of eternal life and they believed, and knew that He was the Holy One of God (John 6:68-69).

    Another point of illumination to me today is from John 6:59 – “Jesus said these things in the synagogue, as he taught at Capernaum.”

    He said these things in the synagogue? This wasn’t on the side of a mountain or in a boat. This was at church!!!

    Imagine this on the “marque” in the front of the synagogue:

    “Eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus for eternal life! Service starts at 10AM.”

    I have to admit that I would have kept walking to another synagogue down the road.

    Oh Lord Jesus, help me not turn from You when I don’t like what I’m hearing. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear so that I may know and follow You. Help me understand You so that I may walk with You according to Your Spirit and Your Truth. Amen.

  3. I neglected reading or listening to the Bible yesterday. So today I’m thankful for this daily “challenge,” because without it, I know that choice is very easy for me to make again today.

    This morning I read Proverbs 31:1-31, and noticed something I’d glossed over before in my rush to get to the portion about wives. In vv 1-9, the writer is warning kings and rulers to not drink wine or desire “strong drink” because of the effects of alcohol on memory and judgment, and the need to be prepared at ALL times to “make decrees” (and remember them) and to judge rightly and righteously. (Some versions translate “strong drink” as “beer” or “intoxicating drink.”)

    Because I was dependent on alcohol for 16 years (set free by the grace of God just after being born again in 2000!), this speaks to me in a very personal way. I interpret this passage as speaking to those responsible to lead and care for others under their authority. There are many passages of Scripture that warn, caution, and command specifically against drunkenness. We know that. And we also know that throughout Scripture — including in this passage! — the drinking of wine is permitted, employed, and even celebrated at times.

    When I’ve been tempted to drink over the last 16 years, those Scriptures permitting alcohol use have been a possible loophole. Because of my love for God and others, I’ve never taken the “out,” wanting to be prepared at all times for clear-minded ministry (including as a parent). So this particular passage of Scripture is different, as it speaks to me of complete abstinence for a specific group: those the Lord has raised up to lead. I never saw this before. Thank you, God, for Scripture that will be a weapon against temptation for me in the years to come.

      1. I have a hard time reading slowly and reflecting, really reflecting, on what I’ve read in Scripture, rather than just reading and reflecting as I go. I’ve really wanted to sit longer in John 10 and 11!

  4. I am so encouraged by those who are taking up this challenge and the comments given. My hope and prayer is that it only grow. Although in the word consistently for “work”, I appreciate the accountability this supplies for my devotional life. I began the week closing out Ephesians and appreciated Ephesians 6:10, “Finally be string in the Lord and in His mighty power”. As I have engaged with John and have had to catch up to be in chapter 6 after a couple of nights of falling asleep (keeping it real as others have said), I have once again been struck by the pattern of miracle and revelation that comes to us in John. Jesus performs a miracle and then there is teaching or confrontation about who He is (which shows us what the miracles where for)…and yes He is the bread of life from whom we eat and never hunger again.

  5. Wow, wow, wow. The word of God is indeed “alive and active” (Hebrews 4:12-13). How many times have I read John 6, and yet still do not fully grasp the trembling truth that even my faith is a gift of God? My response to Jesus Christ, my comprehension, my understanding, the belief that bears fruit in keeping with repentance (Matthew 3:8-10), the kind of belief that fears God’s wrath and judgment poured out on those who do not believe (Philippians 2:12-13) , the belief that results in eternal life…how much of this is of my own volition, and how is my faith entwined in God’s will for me? All of John 6:26-71 leaves me breathless with gratitude as I consider this, and am reminded of the judgment I am escaping only by the grace of God.

    John 6:64: “But there are some of you who do not believe.” He was speaking to DISCIPLES.

    Oh, God…preserve my faith!

  6. I read John 6 the other day and the message I got from my reading was that God doesn’t look at the amount of my offering but my willingness to offer it anyway. Even if I only have 5 loaves and 2 fish if I am willing to offer it to Him, He can multiply it a thousand-fold. In my own life, I don’t seem to have much to offer God in terms of ministry but God appreciates the time I spend serving my family and trying to raise my son in the right way and the once-a-week ministry I do for Care-net.

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