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January 1, 2019

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Reading along with us in Job? Here’s today’s reading:

Job 6 (ESV)

Then Job answered and said:

“Oh that my vexation were weighed,
    and all my calamity laid in the balances!
For then it would be heavier than the sand of the sea;
    therefore my words have been rash.
For the arrows of the Almighty are in me;
    my spirit drinks their poison;
    the terrors of God are arrayed against me.
Does the wild donkey bray when he has grass,
    or the ox low over his fodder?
Can that which is tasteless be eaten without salt,
    or is there any taste in the juice of the mallow?
My appetite refuses to touch them;
    they are as food that is loathsome to me....Continue Reading

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  1. Job 6:8-10 (ESV)
    8  “Oh that I might have my request, and that God would fulfill my hope, 9  that it would please God to crush me, that he would let loose his hand and cut me off! 10  This would be my comfort; I would even exult in pain unsparing, for I have not denied the words of the Holy One.

    In times of suffering the pain can seem overwhelming and it would appear to be mercy for God to remove his ‘hand and cut me off’. I have been there in the murky waters of depression and pain where life feels empty and void and all strength removed from me.

    • While Job is overwhelmed with grief and pain he is not suicidal. He asks God to cut him off.
    • From our perspective having God take our life would be mercy, ‘this would be my comfort’.
    • Job still maintains his innocence, ‘for I have not denied the words of the Holy One’.
    • Later in the chapter, he asks Eliphaz to help him understand what he has done wrong (Job 6:24-30).

  2. 28 “But now, be pleased to look at me,
    for I will not lie to your face.
    29 Please turn; let no injustice be done.
    Turn now; my vindication is at stake.
    30 Is there any injustice on my tongue?
    Cannot my palate discern the cause of calamity?

  3. How great is Job’s despair and understandably so. Considering all that he has lost and the means by which it happened, it is even understandable that he thinks that God’s hand is against him. Yet we know better. We see that there are others forces at work here and God’s purposes are still higher than Job’s circumstances. It can be comforting to us regardless of our condition to know that God’s hand is never set against us as believer’s in Jesus. Even if we are undergoing discipline, it is happening because He loves us and if we were honest with ourselves, we would agree with the necessity of the reproof. But if we are suffering at the hands of people, or satan or suffering undeservedly, we can always seek God’s face as a helper, Father and comforter. So how deep is Job’s darkness to think even God is against him?

    And clearly Job received no comfort from what his friend said. He expects that even if God forsook Him, his fiends wouldn’t. But at this point Job feels as if they have. How could what had happened have been because Job did something wrong, Job asks? And yet he is willing to hear. It would even be a comfort for him at this point if some explanation could be given why all this has happened. It is unfortunate that his friends will not be able to get beyond a system of crime and punishment.

    Let’s learn from their poor example and bring better consolation to people who are hurting and point them to the truth and grace of God, rather that our presumption.

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