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November 13, 2018

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Reading along with us in Isaiah & 2 Kings? Here’s today’s reading:

Isaiah 58 (ESV)

“Cry aloud; do not hold back;
    lift up your voice like a trumpet;
declare to my people their transgression,
    to the house of Jacob their sins.
Yet they seek me daily
    and delight to know my ways,
as if they were a nation that did righteousness
    and did not forsake the judgment of their God;
they ask of me righteous judgments;
    they delight to draw near to God.
‘Why have we fasted, and you see it not?
    Why have we humbled ourselves, and you take no knowledge of it?’.
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  1. Amen, Jim. That is a good synopsis of this chapter. It’s a warning not to follow God outwardly and then not follow Him inwardly, to not fast on your terms but rather fast on Gods’ terms. It is also about not having your walk match your talk or obeying God in some ways and then disobeying Him flagrantly in others.

    God cannot bless our ways because our ways are at best selfish and misguided and at worse destructive both for us and others. God can only condone what is true and that’s what His ways are: ultimate reality. And when we do follow Him faithfully, look at all the ways He promises to bless. It is reminiscent of the blessings and cursing that are found in Deuteronomy. God is being consistent with His word here.

  2. 5 Is such the fast that I choose,
    a day for a person to humble himself?
    Is it to bow down his head like a reed,
    and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him?
    Will you call this a fast,
    and a day acceptable to the Lord?
    6 “Is not this the fast that I choose:
    to loose the bonds of wickedness,
    to undo the straps of the yoke,
    to let the oppressed go free,
    and to break every yoke?
    7 Is it not to share your bread with the hungry
    and bring the homeless poor into your house;
    when you see the naked, to cover him,
    and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?
    8 Then shall your light break forth like the dawn,
    and your healing shall spring up speedily;

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