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July 14, 2018

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Reading along with us in Acts? Here’s today’s reading:

Acts 21 (ESV)

And when we had parted from them and set sail, we came by a straight course to Cos, and the next day to Rhodes, and from there to Patara. And having found a ship crossing to Phoenicia, we went aboard and set sail. When we had come in sight of Cyprus, leaving it on the left we sailed to Syria and landed at Tyre, for there the ship was to unload its cargo. And having sought out the disciples, we stayed there for seven days. And through the Spirit they were telling Paul not to go on to Jerusalem. When our days there were ended, we departed and went on our journey, and they all, with wives and children, accompanied us until we were outside the city. And kneeling down on the beach, we prayed and said farewell to one another. Then we went on board the ship, and they returned home......Continue Reading

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  1. Some believe that Paul actually takes a step out of God’s will by going to Jerusalem. They point to several things in this chapter: the believers who plead through the Spirit that he not go, the prophet Agabus who warns him what will happen, presumably in an attempt to discourage him from going, and the fact that Paul caters to the Jews by joining these men in their vows. It does seem to be inconsistent with his message of grace for him to honor the law in this way, yet Paul does say that he seeks to be all things to all men for the sake of saving some, even putting himself under law for the sake of saving those under the law. So it is tough to say from our vantage point. It will be a good question to ask Paul when we see him in heaven.

    Certainly his actions don’t help his cause with the Jews of Jerusalem. It amazes me when people justify violence to accomplish what they believe to be God’s will. I guess that is why Jesus told Peter to put away his sword. Those are not the weapons of His kingdom. But this crowd is certainly out to silence Paul permanently! And the would have if not for the Roman soldiers. The rule of law and government once again reaching Paul. Romans 13 comes to mind….

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